International Educational Tour

Spain, France, and England

June 10 - June 18, 2019

Join RRCC Instructor Sue Nordquist on an international educational tour to Spain, France, and England with visits to Barcelona, Paris, and London!

Hear the clang of Big Ben from its perch on the River Thames, walk to the peal of laughter spilling from lively cafés in Paris’s Latin Quarter, and sit at a local tapas bar in Barcelona among the songs and dance of street performers. **

Fall Semester, 2018

HUM 1500 Passport to Travel I. This course prepares students for international academic travel. Students will participate in an orientation to international travel, which includes how to prepare for an international trip, provides information about safe and healthy travel while abroad, and prepares the overseas traveler for re-entry after an international trip. 1 credit. This course is required for the summer 2019 trip. Register here!

Spring Semester, 2019

HUM 1100 Multicultural Studies. This course provides in-depth studies of foreign countries. Course curriculum focuses not only on the historical and architectural background of world famous sites, but also covers the social, political, and cultural life of the people who live in the country being studied. This course may include an optional national / international tour that focuses on the history, architecture, language, fine arts, and social life of the countries being toured. Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal Areas: 2,5,8. 3 credits. This course is recommended for the summer 2019 trip.

Summer Semester, 2019 - Tour!

HUM 1700 Educational Travel. This course consists of an educational travel experience of 8-21 days. Participants will immerse themselves in the culture of the area through sightseeing activities, cultural excursions and events, sporting and/or social events, as well as interacting with people native to the area while engaging in various hands-on learning opportunities. Participants will share in many aspects of everyday life in the area visited. The rigors of educational travel require participants to be in good health. 1 credit. Prerequisite: HUM 1500 and must be 18 years of age or older. This course is required for the summer 2019 trip. Additional fees apply to this course.

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