Tutor.com is an online tutoring program that connects you to an expert tutor the moment you need help. You can connect 24/7 for assistance in over 50 subjects.

Studying that fits YOUR schedule.

24/7 online tutoring for RRCC students!

Rainy River Community College offers free online, on-demand tutoring, through Tutor.com. Tutors are always available, even late at night when your instructor may not be. Stuck on a problem? Want someone to review your paper? Tutor.com is easy to use and can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet.

When you log-on to Tutor.com you'll be able to:

  • Connect with over 3,000 qualified tutors 24/7
  • View replays and transcripts of previous sessions
  • Drop off an essay for review and feedback
  • Save your favorite tutors and see their schedule of availability
  • Access services from your mobile phone or tablet

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there tutoring available for my classes?
    • Tutors are available to help you in a wide range of subjects, such as:
      • Math, Science English, History, Computer Science, Social Sciences, Career Help and moreā€¦
      • Writing across the curriculum
  • How do I access the tutoring services?
    • Click the link above to connect

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