Name / Title Office Phone
Emily Ahrens
NHED Business Manager
A109 218-285-2203
Amy Amundsen
Disabilities Director|TRIO Advisor
SS136 218-285-2226
Kyle Anorve-Andress
Chemistry Instructor
S114 218-285-2279
Julie Bartkowski
Enrollment Management
A107 218-285-2276
Coach - Baseball
SC132 218-285-2241
Coach - Men's Basketball
SC113 218-285-2278
Coach - Women's Basketball
G117 218-285-2258
Rachel Berry
Speech|Communications Instructor
H114 218-285-2216
Keith Boelk
Computer Science Instructor
ARR 218-283-5705
L107 218-285-2250
Brooke Boulton
English Instructor
H109 218-285-2290
Carmen Bradach
Chief Human Resources Officer
Alisha Brinker
Residential Life Director
Rainy Hall 218-285-2330
Tim Brown
Maintenance|Safety Director
B104 218-285-2230
Joe Chlebecek
History|Anthropology|Political Science Instructor
H105 218-285-2217
Jacob Clarity
Information Technology Specialist
SS123 218-285-2231
Tammy Cook
Director of Academic Services|Institutional Effectiveness
A108 218-285-2265
Athletic Director
SC112 218-285-2240
Bill Engel
Men's Basketball Coach|Physical Education Instructor
SC113 218-285-2278
Donita Ettestad
Nursing Instructor|Health Care Director
SS149 218-285-2229
Food Service | Kitchen
DJ Fish
B104 218-285-2230
Barb Fisher
Foundation Director
SS124 218-285-2213
Molly Franz
Director of Recruiting and Marketing
SS113 218-285-2236
Andrea Gohl
Art Instructor
H106 218-285-2255
Deseree Goulet
B104 218-285-2230
Alysa Hackenmueller
Career Development Instructor
MN Workforce Center 218-283-9427
Ashley Hall
Physical Education Instructor
ARR 218-285-7722
LeAnne Hardy
TRIO Director
SS139 218-285-2224
Coach - Women's Hockey
H129 218-285-2251
Dieter Humbert
Women's Basketball and Softball Coach
G117 218-285-2258
Kallie Kantos
Sociology Instructor
H128 218-285-2254
Karen Kedrowski
VP Finance and Administration, Northeast Higher Education District
Dr. Roxanne Kelly
Provost | Chief Academic Officer
A100 218-285-2202
Josh Koenig
Baseball Coach
SC132 218-285-2241
Brad Krasaway
Director of Student Development
SS126 218-285-2208
Audrey L'Amie
English Instructor
H107 218-285-2225
Andrew Berry
Philosophy Instructor
S120 218-285-2348
L101 218-285-2250
B104 218-285-2230
Day Cell Maintenance
B104 218-324-1217
Evening Cell Maintenance
B104 218-324-1690
William Maki
President, Northeast Higher Education District
Mel Millerbernd
Athletic Director|Volleyball Coach|Physical Education/Health Instructor
SC112 218-285-2240
Advanced Minnesota
Custom Training and Workforce Development
Erin Nagurski-Hall
Women's Hockey Coach
H129 218-285-2251
Sue Nordquist
Multicultural Studies | Spanish Instructor
H133 218-285-2257
Eric Norstad
Trap Shooting Coach
Business Office
L107 218-285-2250
Admissions Office
SS125 218-285-2207
Advising Office
Financial Aid Office
SS122 218-285-2205
Registration Office
SS125 218-285-2207
Student Housing Office
Rainy Hall
Rainy Hall 218-285-2330
Information Technology Office
Diane Raboin
Bookstore Manager | Library Tech
Scott Riley
Financial Aid Director
SS122 218-285-2205
Disability Services
SS136 218-285-2226
Kelly Sjerven
Biology|Math Instructor
S109 218-285-2218
Coach - Softball
Softball Coach
G117 218-285-2258
Stephanie Turban
PFS Grant Coordinator
SS138 218-285-2242
Coach - Volleyball
SC112 218-285-2240
Tom West
Accounting|Business Instructor
S116 218-285-2227
Jeff Wickstrom
Mathematics Instructor
S115 218-285-2235
Berta Wilcox
SS125 218-285-2207
Georgann Willis
Psychology Instructor
Tammy Wood
Administrative Assistant
SS111 218-285-2204
Laura Zika
Nursing Assistant Instructor
SS148 218-285-2214