New Course Offers Insight to Healthcare Careers

September 06, 2018

By 2025, the United States will need to add 2.3 million new healthcare personnel to provide care for the population as it ages (according to CNN Money, May 2018). Rural areas will feel this impact even more as it is difficult to compete with amenities available in metro areas along with bonuses and incentives offered by larger hospital systems. One way Rainy River Community College is helping to meet this issue head on is to recruit potential healthcare workers from within our own community. RRCC will be offering students the opportunity to discover if there is a healthcare career they are interested in pursuing through the new class Intro to Healthcare Professions.

The healthcare field is constantly evolving as new technology and research emerges. A student who has an interest in radiology could become overwhelmed trying to make sense of the field. Radiology technologists have moved their skills beyond standard x-rays to mammography imaging, computerized tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or radiation therapy. Thirty years ago, a nurse was a nurse was a nurse. A nurse can now pursue a specialty area such as information technology, infection control, quality, hospice, home care, industrial health, public health or flight nursing. Opening student’s minds to all the possibilities out there will be one of the goals of this class.

As the 19 students acquire general information about the field of healthcare they will also learn how and where to start their career pursuits as local professionals share their passion and professional journeys with students. When asked to volunteer their time as guest speakers the response from the community’s healthcare professionals has been overwhelming. Healthcare professionals in general love their careers and are eager to share their story with students. Occupational Therapy, Disaster Relief, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Laboratory, Nursing, Speech Therapy and Social Work are some of the careers that will be covered this semester. When asked one thing they hope to gain from this class students’ replied “the knowledge of taking care of others”, “a better understanding of healthcare fields” and “an idea about healthcare that will help me figure out where to go”. The road to a career in healthcare is being paved for these students.

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