Nursing Lab Expands

August 23, 2017

Exciting things continue to happen in the nursing department at Rainy River Community College. To kick off the fall semester the nursing simulation lab has added numerous new learning aids to enhance student’s experiences and their understanding of technical skills. This has been a great addition to the previous two adult nursing simulators, two pediatric simulators and the birthing simulator. RRCC greatly appreciates the community contributions that have made this expansion possible.

One of the first tasks the Registered Nursing students will be mastering is IV starts and administration. A new IV arm with simulated blood flow will mimic a human’s veins response when the IV is started successfully. The student will actually get a blood return when the needle enters the vein. IV pumps that are the same brand used by the hospital will allow them to practice administering IV medications included simulated blood products. There are also IV start arm bands students can place on their arms that will allow them to practice on each other without actually piercing the skin. These have a simulated blood return when successful. A new “Chester Chest” has been purchased which has a Central Intravenous Line and PICC site that the students will practice sterile dressing changes on, flushing for patency and administering medications through. This simulaid also has a fake blood flow.

The LPN students will be learning physical assessment skills during their first week of class. They will be able to hear actual heart and lung sounds on a chest simulator and auscultation board. The sounds can also be amplified through a speaker which will allow their instructor to explain exactly what they are hearing. They will have to use their anatomy knowledge to locate landmarks to ensure they are in the proper location to hear the correct sounds.

An ear examination station with clear pictures in the ear canal and replicated on a computer screen will take the mystery out of “now exactly what am I seeing when I look in someone’s’ ear?” Ear infections and perforations are clearly viewed and can be verified by the computer image.

Additional items added to the nursing simulation lab include: a compression stocking pump, wound suture simulaid, injection abdomen, 12 lead EKG capability, new stethoscopes, barcoded medications and scanners. Another exciting addition is the resuscitation infant which will allow for umbilical cord IV starts, lung/heart and bowel sounds and the ability to actually practice putting a breathing tube in the infant to replicate an emergency situation. A refurbished defibrillator will provide a realistic code situation.

The nursing students at RRCC will have the advanced technology to train them to be top notch nurses as they complete their respective programs and begin to care for our community.

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