Mission: Rainy River Community College serves its communities by guiding learners to achieve their educational, career, personal, and civic goals.

Rainy River Community College

We Are Voyageurs!

Rainy River Community College was founded in 1967 by a group of dedicated individuals who wanted post-secondary education offered in International Falls at the heart of Minnesota's north woods.

At Rainy River we foster learning by surrounding our students with an environment rich in natural wonder. The eighty-acre campus has an eight building complex connected with heated walkways enclosing a courtyard. The grounds feature a softball field, a lighted cross country skiing and hiking trail, and three ponds edged by decks and walkways. The adjacent residence hall offers furnished apartment style accommodations for students. The atmosphere within the college is as inviting as the setting. The faculty and staff get to know and care for students on a first-name basis, and provide them with a quality education.

Rainy River Community College is one of five colleges in the Northeast Higher Education District (NHED). Rainy River Community College is a member of the Minnesota State system.

Diplomas, professional certificates, and associate degree programs are approved by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees.

Mission: Rainy River Community College serves its communities by guiding learners to achieve their educational, career, personal, and civic goals.

Vision: Rainy River Community College will inspire learners and their communities to achieve their full potential.

Guiding Principles: Rainy River Community College LEADS the way in education:

Learner-Centered: We recognize that the College exists to support learning, and we make decisions based on what is best for our learners.

Evaluate and Improve: We evaluate the quality of services, programs, and courses. We use evidence to make improvements.

Academic Excellence: We value teaching and learning in all forms, and we support and promote student success and achievement.

Diversity: We recognize and appreciate diverse experiences, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, opinions, beliefs, and worldviews.

Shared Leadership and Stewardship: We share responsibility with students and the community to lead and manage the College and its resources.

Goals: The goals complete the phrase, "Rainy River Community College will..."

  • recruit and retain the students best served by the College.
  • review and develop academic and technical programs that best serve the College's students and communities.
  • pursue collaboration with community, government, business, and educational organizations to continually improve teaching and learning and enhance community vitality.
  • encourage and empower faculty, staff, students, and community members to guide the College.
  • Communicate Effectively. Students will communicate ideas clearly.
  • Think Critically. Students will state and defend a conclusion.
  • Engage in Society. Students will identify and explain multiple perspectives on a topic.
  • Prepare for Success.Students will set professional and personal goals and develop plans to achieve these goals.

Rainy River Community College is accredited by:

The Higher Learning Commission

230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, Illinois 60604-1413
Phone: 800.621.7440 / 312.263.0456
Fax: 312.263.7462

Accreditation Timeline

Rainy River Community College

  • Transferred from Arrowhead Community College Region to Rainy River Community College as a separately-accredited institution
  • Current Status: Accredited
  • Accreditation granted: 08/08/1997
  • Historical note: Note on date of accreditation: accredited as a separate entity in 1997 following the reconfiguration of Arrowhead Community College (accredited in 1982) and Range Technical College (granted candidacy in 1995).

Arrowhead Community Colleges

  • Current Status: Inactive-Resigned
  • Accreditation date(s): 01/25/1982-06/30/1997

Rainy River Community College (prior to 1982)

  • Current Status: Inactive-Resigned
  • Candidacy date(s): 03/22/1972-03/30/1976
  • Accreditation date(s): 03/31/1976-01/24/1982