Health Science

Broad Field AS Degree


The Associate of Science Health Science Degree is a general, introductory program in health sciences that prepares individuals for transfer to a variety of baccalaureate degree programs. The program includes instruction in the basic sciences and aspects of the subject matter related to various health occupations. The AS Health Degree is designed to transfer to various health science related baccalaureate programs at all seven Minnesota State Universities. Transfer Agreement - Health Science Broad Field


  • Identify anatomical structures of the human body and describe the physiological processes that occur in health and disease states, including metabolism, nutrition, pathogens and immunity.
  • Explain processes that occur within cells that affect body function, including biochemical reactions, membrane transport, and cell communication
  • Demonstrate mathematical computational and reasoning skills, and ability to analyze data appropriately
  • Explain the roles of society, culture, and psychology to an individual’s mental and physical health throughout life
  • Develop and demonstrate skills needed in today’s work environment, including written and verbal communication, understanding diversity, and applying ethics to decision making

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