Addiction Studies (MRC)

Addiction Studies is a Human Services option designed for people interested in entering or furthering their present level of training in the addictions field. A graduate will have acquired an understanding of the concepts, principles, skills, methods, and techniques needed to work with those whose lives have been seriously affected by addiction or abuse.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may seek employment in chemical dependency treatment programs; information, diagnostic, and referral centers; outpatient or follow-up care programs; halfway houses, schools, hospitals, clinics, prisons, social agencies; and programs supported by business, church, and government.

RRCC Cohort

The partnership between Rainy River Community College and Mesabi Range College will allow students in the I. Falls area to complete their program at RRCC. General education courses are delivered face-to-face from RRCC instructors, the human services/addiction studies courses are delivered via Interactive Television (ITV) or online through Mesabi Range College.

General Education Courses that can be taken at RRCC include:

ENGL 1511 College Writing I ENGL 1010 English Composition I
GECL 1415 Freshman Year Experience STSK 1030 Transitions to College
HSER 1465 Drug Use and Abuse HLTH 2010 Chemical Abuse Education
ENGL 1512 College Writing II ENGL 1020 English Composition II
PSYC 2551 General Psychology PSYC 1020 General Psychology
PHIL 1551 Introduction to Ethics PHIL 1050 Introduction to Ethics
CMST 1555 Public Speaking or CMST 1565 Interpersonal Communication COMM 1020 Public Speaking or COMM 1010 Interpersonal Communication
Any College Level Math or Science Course Any College Level MATH or Science Course