Hospitality Management (NCC)

WHY CHOOSE NORMANDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE’S HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM? This program will give you a strong background in how to supervise staff, and oversee operations and development. You will also learn to plan and market services and other features at various facilities.

SKILLS ACQUIRED. Hospitality management programs include topics such as:
  • Personnel management
  • Marketing
  • Business administration
  • Customer service

RRCC Cohort

General education courses can be taken face-to-face on the RRCC campus. NCC hospitality courses are offered online or via ITV/other delivery methods. Internships are arranged through the NCC faculty, and can be completed in the International Falls area.

CERTIFICATE OPTIONS. Students may elect to complete one or more management enrichment certificate concentrations:

RECOGNITION. Normandale's Hospitality Management Program is nationally accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


  • ACCT 2251
  • HSMA 2096
  • HSMA 2097
  • HSMA 2150
  • BUSN 2100
  • BUSN 2155


  • ACCT 2251
  • HSMA 1103
  • HSMA 2173
  • HSMA 2096
  • BUSN 1130
  • BUSN 1201

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