RRCC Application for Graduation

Application for Graduation

Students must meet with their Advisor one semester prior to graduation to complete an Application for Graduation. Students must have a cumulative 2.0 grade point average or higher overall AND in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at the end of the semester prior to graduation. Associate Degree seeking students must be within 6 credits of completion, and have the majority of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum completed to remain on the graduation list and be eligible to attend the graduation ceremony.

Students have up to five years to graduate under the degree plan in which they initially begin their college studies. Some programs may have more stringent requirements. Any variations from a published catalog or most recent degree plan must be documented by petition.

Attendance at our formal graduation ceremony is strongly encouraged. Applicable fees will apply to all graduates.

Honors at Graduation

Highest honors are awarded to those students graduating with an RRCC cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or greater. Honors are awarded to those students graduating with an RRCC cumulative grade point average of between 3.25-3.74.

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RRCC Application for Graduation

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RRCC Graduation Cap and Gown Order Form

If you indicated YES, you will be attending the spring Commencement ceremony, complete the gown/cap order form below.

Cap and Gown Order Form

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