Apply for Financial Aid

  1. Apply for Admission to Rainy River Community College
  2. You may complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid as early as October 1 for the upcoming school year at: Web applications are secure, fast, easy to navigate and you get your results 7 to 14 days faster than if you mail a paper application. The FAFSA is also available in Spanish (EspaƱol).
  3. As soon after October 1st as possible: ~ Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, using your family's financial information from two-years prior to the school year in which you are applying. ~ Get help from our financial aid department if you need it at ~ Be sure to use the Rainy River Community College code #006775 on the list of schools to receive your FAFSA information.
    ~ Submit your application to the processing center. NOTE: Priority is given to students who complete the form by May 1.
  4. Verification is a review process in which the financial aid office determines the accuracy of the information provided on the student's financial aid application. During the verification process the student and parent will be required to submit documentation for the amounts listed (or not listed) on the financial aid application. Such documentation may include signed copies of the most recent Federal income tax returns for you, your spouse (if any) and your parents, proof of citizenship, proof of registration with Selective Service, and copies of Social Security benefit statements and W2 and 1099 forms, among other things.
  5. Financial Aid applications are randomly selected by the Federal processor for verification. If there is an asterisk next to the EFC figure on your Student Aid Report (SAR), your SAR has been selected for verification. RRCC may select additional students for verification if we suspect fraud. RRCC does not verify 100% of applications.
  6. If any discrepancies are uncovered during the verification process the financial aid office may require additional information to clear up the discrepancies. If you refuse to submit the required documentation, your financial aid package will be cancelled and no aid will be awarded.
  7. An email will be sent to your RRCC email account when your award notification is available.

Rainy River Community College and Minnesota State Board Policy 2.9 require that all students make Satisfactory Academic Progress toward a degree, diploma, or certificate to remain in good standing.

You must reapply each year for financial assistance at Rainy River or any other college or university.