RRCC Work-Study Program

The RRCC work-study program is part-time employment at $12.00 per hour, up to ten hours per week, and is based on eligibility as determined from your FAFSA application.

A recent RRCC graduate had this to say about her work-study experience with us,

"Employment as a work-study student in the RRCC Registration Office has been an excellent opportunity for me. It gave me a chance to make money while getting experience for a future job. I had a chance to meet many new people and loved the people I worked with. Work-study is an opportunity that I think everyone should take advantage of."

RRCC has a variety of on-campus and community based work-study jobs including agreements with Voyageurs National Park, International Falls Recreation Commission, and the International Falls Chamber of Commerce that provide unique opportunities to our students. Work-study job experience will look great on your resume!