College Services


Academic Advisors, available to all students at Rainy River Community College, guide you through the exploration and decision-making processes necessary to reach your academic, career, and life goals.

Every student is assigned an advisor their first semester at RRCC, who can assist with:

  • Registration
  • Designing an educational plan to accomplish your objectives
  • Understanding the general education program of the College and your degree requirements (DARS Information)
  • Planning for long-range educational and career goals
  • Questions, concerns, or problems

Academic Advisors are available by appointment during regularly scheduled office hours, and evenings by special appointment. You are urged to meet with your Advisor at least once each semester.

Advisor Contact Information

Contact Information

TRIO Advisor Contact Information

Contact Information

Personal Counseling is available on a referral basis. Students who may be having difficulty adjusting to college life or have other personal concerns should talk with their Advisor about personal counseling as soon as possible.