Campus Health and Safety

MISSION. The RRCC Safety Committee strives to promote a safe and healthy environment for students, employees, and the community.

CAMPUS ACCESS. Rainy River Community College is a public institution with an open access campus. The public spaces and grounds of RRCC are open to the public during college business hours. At night, and during times the campus is officially closed, the buildings are locked and accessible by authorized faculty and staff. Rainy Hall is locked and accessible to residents only.

BIT. The RRCC Behavioral Intervention Team meets regularly to discuss incidents concerning student behaviors and addresses these concerns by recommending appropriate actions and interventions.


  • Always protect yourself first
  • Call 911 and/or the following RRCC numbers:

(218) 285-7722 (Main Phone Number)

(218) 324-1217 (Maintenance, Day Cell)

(218) 324-1690 (Maintenance, Evening Cell)

  • State the emergency, address and exact location of emergency:

Campus address: 1501 Highway 71, International Falls, MN

Rainy Hall address: 1515 Highway 71, International Falls, MN